The best tactics of the roulette game

Most casino online visitors, who dream to conquer the queen of gambling entertainment, are wondering: “What strategy and tactics of playing roulette exactly work?”. Users hope to increase their chances of winning by using certain game combinations and algorithms. In this analysis, we consider the main ones.

How to win online roulette

There are four basic rules that will increase your chances of success:

  1. Before making a deposit for playing roulette, read the specific casino review;
  2. Distribute your bankroll evenly. Betting all in is better not to make;
  3. do not put on five numbers at once;
  4. Use only certain systems to play.

Basic Roulette Strategy

The ideal strategy and tactics of the roulette game does not exist, since the system is not capable of affecting the mathematical superiority of the casino. Therefore, various methods should not be trusted for everything. But using a certain system, the user more closely controls his bankroll, and therefore does not mindlessly merges money from the gaming account. As a result, the chances of success increase. So, let’s briefly describe the most popular roulette strategy and tactics:

  1. Martingale – a method where you need to double the size of the bet after each loss. At the same time it is important to put on one color until gain is achieved. After a winning spin, the player returns to the original bet amount, but in a different color.
  2. Laboucher is a strategy where crossing out certain numbers is used.
  3. The strategy of d’Alembert is a method where the amount of bets decreases after each win and increases after a loss. At the same time, it is important to determine the average amount for the bet, so that the user has the opportunity to make cheaper and more expensive moves.
  4. Parlay Method. According to this method, the bet amount increases after a successful spin. It is created by the initial bet and the size of the received prize. Thanks to this algorithm, this method is called Anti Martingale. Fans of this tactic of roulette consider that the main thing here is to tell yourself “stop” in time to get out of the game in the black.
  5. Thomas Donald system. According to this method, the user needs to increase the move amount by one digit after the win. But after a losing spin the rate decreases by one. It is important to play on equal chances.
  6. Passwords – here you also need to bet after each winning spin in order to catch the so-called “lucky streak” or “smile of fortune”. To stay here in the black, the player must be able to say to himself “stop.” This method works especially well in French roulette.
  7. Biarritz is a method with an elementary principle, according to which it is necessary to bet on just one number, allocating funds for at least 36 moves. If it was not possible to win during these spins, it is necessary to multiply the bet by two times to continue the game.
  8. The Big Square system is a method that adherents of probability theory will not appreciate. In accordance with this tactic of the game, those figures that had already dropped out 2 times during the 36 revolutions of the wheel will definitely fall out. Accordingly, bets must be made on numbers that have already been winning twice.

Tactics of roulette for land based casinos

Consider two ways to play, giving certain advantages in a real casino:

  1. Learn to read underlined dealer. The human factor has not been canceled, which means that every croupier gets tired sooner or later. From this, he begins to act monotonously. This allows you to trace the trajectory of the ball, as well as guess where it stopped.
  2. Visual tracking. Here one player must shoot the video as the ball moves. The second, viewing the video, with the help of a computer, analyzes the probability of a ball hitting a particular sector.