Scope and Viewmodel in CS:GO

If you want to learn the game, you can do it on the site CSGO NET. Painful topic for all beginners. Each time on any stream of a professional player in the chat questions pop up about why he chose such a sight and requests to give settings. Many people think that with the help of such a sight they will start to play especially well, the sight will be aimed at the head of the opponent. In fact, the choice of the sight should be based on the fact that it will be well visible against the background of most textures in CS:GO. Accordingly, try to avoid dark sights, which can merge with the figures of counterterrorists. However, if you are even so comfortable, why not?

Adjust the sight can be two ways: with the help of the console (you need to enter a bunch of commands, at the same time feel like a programmer) and with the help of an ordinary map from the workshop, whose creator took care of the community of players. We advise you to choose the second option. The card is called crashz’ Crosshair Generator v3. Let us talk a bit about its features.

Huge variability of the sight setting. On the map you can choose the sight of your favorite player (the author regularly rolls out updates by changing the sights), or create your own without having to prescribe commands in the console. There are also a couple of useful console commands that will help you with the sight right in the game:

  1. cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1; At this value, the reticle has a black contour that slightly highlights it against the textures;
  2. cl_crosshairsize – from zero to large numbers, just changes the size of the lines in the crosshair size;
  3. cl_crosshairgap – a command to change the gap between the lines of the crosshairs. At negative values (for example, -3), the lines shift towards each other and the sight becomes solid. Some players prefer to leave a small clearance by assigning at least 0 so that the enemy’s head can be seen between the dashes;
  4. cl_crosshairdot. At value 1, a small dot appears in the center of the crosshair dot. It is convenient to put at values cl_crosshairgap above 0 to intuitively understand where the middle is.

To get a better idea of how these commands work (a, at the same time, not to clutter up the article with screenshots), just play with them yourself on the map with the bots.

The frequent change of sight for most professional players is due to the fact that this is just an attempt to get yourself out of the comfort zone. For example, by changing the sight or resolution, you will intuitively play differently and a little more carefully. This is a normal practice, but it does not carry any hidden meaning.

Let’s move on to the viewmodel, which is responsible for the way the weapon is positioned in the hands on our screen. Another hysteria of the fans of successful eSports is related to the setting of this particular parameter. In fact, viewmodel does not have a specific effect on the game. Moreover, Valve has already taken care of us by giving us three presets of weapons in hand, which can be changed in the settings of the game itself. However, if you really want to customize the model, let’s figure out how to do it. As always, we have two options: melt in the console, or just download another map in the Workshop. The choice is obvious, so it is better to download crashz’ Viewmodel Generator.

The main rule when choosing a viewmodel is to avoid pretentiousness. Do not try to make the position of the weapon, as in Crysis or another shooter, which you played last summer. Counter-Strike is a competitive game, so we need to avoid overloading the screen so that nothing distracts you during the game. If the model of the weapon and the character’s hands occupy half of the image, it will be tritely uncomfortable for us to check the right (or left) bottom of the screen. If you want to get more details about the game features, visit the website .