People’s Interest in Playing a Musical Instrument – Survey Report

Everyone has been exposed to music from an early age. Music is all around us. Parents are inclined to get their children to start playing music at a young age.

Schools also recognize the benefits of incorporating music into the arts curriculum as music stimulates students and encourages them to be creative. However, ask a random person on the street, and the chances are likely that he or she will say that he does not know how to play an Commercial Inflatable Park For Sale instrument well, if not at all. But he or she is interested in learning to play. In a world where music is all around us, people are curious, and even as they get older, they still want to learn.

So, we conducted a survey to gauge people’s interest in learning to play a musical instrument. Specifically, we wanted to know what they are interested in, why, and what is stopping them.

This survey was followed by 606 respondents. However, this report is based on the 80.53% who indicated that they are interested in learning to play a musical instrument.

From our survey, we found out that 4 in 5 respondents (80.53%) are interested. This interest is consistent even among age and gender. Almost the same number (79.1%) have learned to play an instrument previously.

The majority of people (73.16%) want to learn to play a string instrument followed by percussion (49.18%) and choral/vocal (26.43%). The most popular instruments that people mentioned wanting to play are guitar, piano and violin.

The main reason people want to play music is to develop their discipline (55.74%). The second most widely selected reason is that people have maintained a long interest in learning to play the instrument that they listed previously. Next, 27.87% say that they need a new hobby, and 19.67% see learning music as an opportunity to develop their patience.

The biggest reason why they are not learning right now is because respondents are busy and do not have time (46.31%). Then, people honestly do not know where to find someone to teach them the instrument that they want to learn (37.3%). Next, 34.64% say that they are not musically talented. There is also a lack of access to the instrument itself. 27.87% say that they cannot afford to buy or rent the instrument of their choosing.