Bad Bones – “High Rollers” Album Review

Bad Bones is an Italian rock group who’ve just recently released their latest album High Rollers.  This comes after their previous album Demolition Derby which was released in 2017 followed by a successful worldwide tour.

High rollers harnesses hardcore energy to shape the band’s style and sound with strong and dynamic melodies. Arrangements get more intricate compared to their previous album, as they take us on a journey, pushing very hard to the next level of power and supremacy.

With vocals from Max, he shakes off the haze and speeds up his attack on the starting track “American Days“.  The song is a true classic utilizing hard rock elements to give the album an energized introduction. Things become more expressive on “Lost Again” as the band replace their grimy style with lyrics that tend toward the surreal, and the abstract, which  keeps the band from marinating too long in a single mood.

Bad Bones return back to their dirty rocker style on the song “Midnight Rider” allowing the listener to be bombarded by edgy dynamics. The track sounds menacing and wild,  showing the bands ability to change and sound more distinctive on each record.

One feels an even greater jump in varied sound when you listen to “Solitary Fields“. The distance is evident as the song brims with heartfelt hooks. It pursues thoughts of loneliness and being found again. It feels straightforward without having missed the mark, to make a good situation out from despair.

“Now or Never”  seeks some form of “freedom.” It convincingly sells the idea that going into the future by risking it all is the only way. It succeeds on self-assurance and confidence with crisp melodies, the vocalist occasionally hitting those high notes. The song sort of brings the feeling that indicates triumph comes from overcoming fear and indecisiveness.

Bad Bones sound rugged on “Blood Trails” with heavy bassline rhythms. The track is more refined and taps into the more engaging grooves that dominated the mid-’80s.

It isn’t that complex compared to “Wild Rose” which is more sensitive and appealing and doubles down on attitude. It mesmerizes with ease, and its effects are almost always invisible, subconscious, and slow.

“Story of a Broke Bone” boasts of a dizzying drama.  It carries with it a somber mood with forthcoming darker tones.  The song somehow pits you against the world with one’s own self-judgement and temptation.

The song becomes an outlet for pain as it essentially says you’re going to encounter some bad moments when you’re making changes in life.  And targets more specific personal angst to leave you just as much satisfied.

Things get amped up on “Rock’n Me”  as it bursts with more electric melodies and some form of a dramatic performance. It carries with it a dance groove making it a ritual fun piece for the album. With memorable tracks such as “Blood Trails” and “Wolf Town”  the band are sure to become a force to reckon with.

Bad Bones show an increasing capacity for exploration, growth, and having a higher sense of purpose with their music. They are getting close to dominating their own space, sounding way more advanced and above average with each song they put out.