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ep 16 2005 Ventura, CA Nicholby's Sep 30 2005 Venice, CA The Good Hurt Oct 11 2005 Tempe, AZ Last Exit Oct 13 2005 Austin, TX Headhunter's Oct 14 2005 Austin, TX Lava Lounge Oct 15 2005 Fort Worth, TX 6th Street Grill Oct 16 2005 Austin, TX Red Eyed Fly Oct 20 2005 Jackson, MS W.C. Don's Oct 22 2005 Nashville, TN 3 Crow Bar Oct 23 2005 Nashville, TN Hair of the Dog Oct 25 2005 Morristown, TN The Downtown Oct 26 2005 Knoxville, TN Corner Lounge Oct 29 2005 Cary, NC The Depot Additional dates to be TBA. View Past Dates Jon Lennatz Vocals Guitar, Aaron Bateman Guitar, James Webber Bass, John Webber Drums, Kevin Webber Percussion / Congas Jonathan Lennatz and James Webber started Cattywompus 5 years ago in San Diego, then moved to Los Angeles. They met up with Aaron Bateman and John Webber and started the hard rockin band. Once the band moved to Venice Beach, it all really began. Quickly they started hanging around the Venice Boardwalk and Hangning out at places like the Venice Whaler and Hinano's where many of the stories you hear in the songs took place. John Webber once jumped off the Washington Pier in Venice in the middle of the night. Now the band is working on songs best described as Rock in the vein of Alice in Chains, Lynard Skynard, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, The Black Keys, the Mars Volta and Many more. Cattywompus, the hard rock blues men from Venice, CA, are doing it again. This band released it's debut EP in 2003 and spent a year and a half supporting the effort before returning to the studio to write and record their first full length album. The band went back to the trusty Hot Pie Studios in Pasadena, CA in November of 2004 to begin recording drum tracks for many of the songs that will appear on the new album. Working relentlessly for several months with producer Kent Hitchcock, the guys began to become inspired once again. Maybe it was the onset of Winter, maybe it was the wild Venice nightlife, you can decide for yourself. In January 2005 something magical happened, they called it the January Swarm. Songs began pouring out and the new material is more intense and captivating than ever before. As then continue to record the new tracks for the album, they are releasing demos on their website for the world to hear. Get ready, 2005 will be the year this eclectic band of 20 something rockers break out and shine worldwide. Cattywompus has played shows at The House of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood, the Viper Room, Keyclub, Starline Theater in Fresno, 14 Below santa monica, Good Hurt Mar Vista / Venice Beach, 01/21/05 Venice Beach, CA Good Hurt 01/04/05 Los Feliz , CA The Derby 11/21/04 Hollywood, CA Viper Room 11/01/04 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 10/02/04 Venice Beach, CA Good Hurt 09/26/04 Hollywood, CA House of Blues 09/25/04 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 09/12/04 Hollywood, CA Hard Rock Cafe 09/11/04 Atascadero, CA Hoovers Live 09/05/04 Chico, CA The Barefoot 09/04/04 Chico, CA The Barefoot 07/22/04 Hollywood, CA The Key Club 07/11/04 Hollywood, CA House of Blues 06/11/04 Hermosa, CA The Lighthouse 05/03/04 Venice Beach, CA Good Hurt 04/03/04 Venice Beach, CA Good Hurt 03/19/04 Hermosa, CA The Lighthouse 03/13/04 Hermosa, CA The Lighthouse 02/14/04 Los Angeles , CA Fais Do Do 01/26/04 Venice Beach, CA Club Good Hurt 01/17/04 Venice Beach, CA Club Good Hurt 10/22/03 San Diego, CA Brick by Brick 10/17/03 Huntington, CA TC's 10/11/03 Universal City, CA Universal Bar & Grill 10/08/03 Ventura, CA Nicholby's 09/26/03 Hollywood, CA Top Fuel 09/04/03 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 08/22/03 Newport Beach, CA Hogue Barmichaels 08/06/03 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory 07/26/03 Fresno, CA Starline Theatre 07/01/03 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 05/31/03 North Hollywood, CA Devil's Punchbowl 05/27/03 Hollywood, CA Cat Club 05/23/03 Fullerton, CA The Back Alley 05/22/03 Los Angeles, CA Fais Do Do 05/08/03 Santa Monica, CA Lush 05/03/03 Sherman Oaks, CA Sherman Oaks Fair 05/03/03 North Hollywood, CA Devil's Punchbowl 04/24/03 Los Angeles, CA Hard Rock Cafe 04/19/03 North Hollywood, CA Devil's Punchbowl 04/04/03 Canoga Park, CA Scotland Yard 03/25/03 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 03/22/03 Agoura, CA The Other Place 03/12/03 West LA, CA The Joint 12/19/02 Canoga Park, CA Scotland Yard 12/14/02 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 12/05/02 North Hollywood, CA Devil’s Punchbowl 10/24/02 North Hollywood, CA Devil’s Punchbowl 10/10/02 North Hollywood, CA Devil’s Punchbowl 09/19/02 North Hollywood, CA Devil’s Punchbowl 06/16/02 Los Angeles, CA Club Soho 03/30/02 Canoga Park, CA Scotland Yard 02/19/02 Canoga Park, CA Scotland Yard 12/21/01 Santa Monica, CA 14 Below 11/12/01 Westwood, CA Westwood Brewing Co. cattywompus   adj   1. diagonally across from something else. ("Her house was conveniently located cattywompus from the post office." "The wastebasket into which she attempted to vomit, was only cattywompus from her mouth. Nevertheless, she regretfully painted the walls instead.")  Submitted by Melanie Arnold, Meri and Angie Knight, IN, USA, 26-12-2002.   2. out of alignment. ("I need to get my wheels aligned. They're sitting all cattywompus.") other spellings include Cattywampus, Caddywompus, Caddywampus, Catawompus, Cattywompuss & kattywampus. Their is an old legend of the Wompus Cat meaning “askew, cater-cornered” A fellow co-worker and I are discussing the proper pronunciation and spelling of the elusive "kattywampus." We desperately need help to resolve this perplexing problem. -- Alissa and Jenifer, via the internet. Desperately? You "desperately" need the spelling and pronunciation? Have the two of you been cornered in a broom closet by a ferocious spelling bee? Oh well, mine not to reason why, I suppose. Besides, it sounds as though you folks are doing a bang-up job of wasting company time, and I'm always up for that. Unfortunately, and I say this with all the passion of a dedicated slacker, there is no answer to your question, because there is no standardized spelling of "kattywampus," which is also often rendered as "cattywampus," "caddywompous" and "catawampus" (as the Oxford English Dictionary seems to prefer). As for pronunciation, if the choice is between "catty" and "katy" (as in the name "Katy"), I'd go with the short "a" of "catty" or "caddy." The "wampus" part seems to be most often pronounced "WAHM-puhs." Since we're still on our extended coffee break, I'll take this opportunity to answer the question you folks didn't ask, namely what "catawampus" (as I'll spell it) actually means. Once again, however, the answer is not simple because the word actually has two quite distinct meanings. A "catawampus" can be a fierce, imaginary animal, the sort of vicious critter that jumps you in the woods shortly before you're never seen again. But "catawampus" can also mean "askew" or "out of whack," as in "Larry's elopement with Eloise knocked Cindy's wedding plans all catawampus." Neither meaning can be definitively traced, but "catawampus" in the eat-you-alive sense may well be a variant on the American folk term "catamount," short for "catamountain," or mountain lion. The "askew" sense of "catawampus" is a real puzzler. The first element of the word, "cata," may be related to "cater," also found in the related word "catercorner" (or, as many folks know it, "cattycorner" or "kittycorner"). "Cater" in these words comes from the French "quatre," or "four," and "catercornered" originally just meant "four-cornered." Today "catercorner" means that two things are diagonally across from each other. The "wampus" part may have come from the Scots word "wampish," meaning "to wriggle or twist," which would certainly seem to fit with "catawampus" meaning "askew" or "crooked."