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Wildfire spreads by the whim of the Mighty Wind. Like the soul of a man, it is a hard thing to pin down and control. There is no real definite answer as to how or why it follows the mysterious path it does. There is no definite answer for life and no answer for death. All we can hope to do is keep searching for the moments that make us feel alive, and hope that the wind will continue to fuel our fire.. this is the cosmic and electrifying world of Cattywompus and their debut album “Wildfire.”

Cattywompus is comprised of brothers James (Bass, Vocals), John Webber (Drums), Jon Lennartz (Vocals, Guitar) and Aaron Bateman (Guitar). While growing up in the back seat of a VW bus in Los Angeles, James & John listened to their father’s musical loves: the Doors, Cream, Jethro Tull, Rolling Stones, Neil Young and countless others. James & John grew up in a house full of rhythm instruments as their father Kevin played percussion in many latin jazz, funk, blues and rock bands through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The boys picked up the family trade and a young age and in 2001, Cattywompus formed when James met southern guitarist Aaron Bateman, a Florida panhandle native, who had traveled from his homeland to form a rock n roll band in Los Angeles.

Jon Lennartz also grew up in the Los Angeles area and attended the same high school as James and John. Kevin Webber (otherwise known as “the Witch Doctor”) added his years of percussion experience on the Cattywompus recordings and live shows. Jon’s whiskey-stained vocals, Aaron’s psychedelic blues-fueled guitar and the seamless family rhythm section come together for one multi-dimensional sound that cannot be mistaken.

Cattywompus ended 2005 with a self-supported tour of the Southern States to promote the new release. With a DIY attitude, the band traveled through twelve states in seek of new ears and new experiences. Less then two weeks later, tragedy struck when Kevin Webber lost the battle to cancer with his family by his side. James, John, Aaron and Jon intend to carry on the legacy of the “Witch Doctor” and continue on to create inspired and soulful music. “Wildfire” was released December 2005 and marks Kevin’s last recording efforts with his sons.

2005 has added Purpose to the band as it has been a whirlwind of emotion, full of great highs and soul-searching lows. Cattywompus remains a band of brothers, always moving and traveling like gypsies. Searching for answers to the questions that have no answers, like the Mighty Wind and the Wildfire: “Long may your wildfire burn..”

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